About Us

The Torrisi family have been farming for 3 generations, on their family farm near Mareeba, Far North Queensland and in this time have developed a high level of expertise in growing and processing high quality herbs, and spinach products.  John and Gina Torrisi researched ways they could use excess fresh basil in peak growing times and came up with the idea of a puree base product for further manufacturing. Since then their son Sebastian and his wife Cyrene have helped to grow and expand our puree lines to include Basil, Spinach and Coriander.  
The Torrisi family have been in herb production for over 30 years, supplying the food service and manufacturing industry. During this time we have perfected growing practices to produce the finest tasting purees. By producing consistent, high quality herb products all year round we are a reliable market leader in our field. 

We are passionate about supplying Australian grown and processed products to food manufactures within Australia and abroad. As a family business we follow the journey of our products from planting, harvesting, processing and right through to the doors shutting on the transport truck destined for its final destination. We form strong relationships with our customers and always maintain great open working relationships.

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